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Reliance or dependency on somebody is undesirable by most of us, be it the dependence of pick and drop or cooking or any other chores. But in daily life we all are dependent on one person or another (in one way or the other). It is true that responsibilities are handed over to those who can handle it (simple to say) but the person whose going to bear this responsibility must be strong, sensible and responsible enough and must be appreciated for what he/she is doing? The most difficult responsibility which could be given to somebody is to secure something (a responsibility which could actually prevent a person from sleep).

Fellows! We all have witnessed a guy/girl standing outside the bank uniformed, tall, broad carrying a shotgun in his hand ready and waiting for something bad to happen (so that he/she can tackle and save the place from damage by risking his/her life), so a person is there to take the bullet or any risk on behalf of the person who has hired him/her that’s called a security job. There are so many companies which are offering security services to banks, museums etc. and overall these services are not restricted to providing guards and gunmen but also, camera surveillance systems are included in security jobs in Sydney.

Furthermore, security jobs and guards can be categorized under following sections: security officers, armed security officer, chief security officer, gate security guard, patrol security officer, loss prevention officer/store detective, maritime security officer, Hotel security manager and hospital security (day or night shifts) and all these categories are different from each other (can be further classified where guards are selected with weapons and training or without). These jobs are paid according to hourly wages (core compensation) as well as bonuses. The approx. hourly rate for security armed guards starts from $13 to $20 with the average of $15.5 approx.

This is not as easy as it may sound, security firms have to meet the minimum requirements to get the license to work as a security firm, and moreover there are preset requirements to qualify and become a security guard: meet the minimum requirements, apply for the license get fingerprints, appear for eight hour pre assignment class, submit the licensing fees, complete 16 hours on job training and get the annual in-service training and don’t forget to apply for the license renewal. Under minimum requirements to become a security guard one has to complete the high school diploma (at least) and then he/she can pursue further education like associate degree with majors in criminal law or justice etc. there are certain firms which requires good communication (verbal and written) from a security guard. In international market security jobs are considered as important and are very well paid, there are some countries in which security jobs are still considered as an odd job and not even a blue collar job.