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Earth is filled with marvelous creations of God, be it living things or non-living things. We daily look at the beauty of aquatic life, plant life and many more such living things but rarely do we notice the aesthetic looks of non-living things like stones. Stones are one of the most aesthetic and enchanting looking objects in planet earth. People use them in jewelries, for constructions purposes and for many more reasons. There are innumerable kinds of rocks like igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.Limestoneis the type of sedimentary rocks. In this article, we will be discussing about everything related to great quality limestone varying from its features to its uses.


Limestone is the sedimentary rock which is found mostly in yellowish crystal color. It is basically composed of calcium carbonate or dolomite formed by the accumulation of organic substances like corals,, resins, etc. In some cases limestone is hard but mostly it is comparatively softer than other stones. It gets dissolved in acid rain when it is exposed in open environment. They generally have a granular structure but can also be present in massive or crystalline form.

Uses of limestone:

Limestone is a quite useful rock which plays an important role in various sectors of life. Limestone is used for making cement along with heated clay in a kiln. It is also an important ingredient in glass making industry which along with heated sand and sodium bicarbonate forms glass. Moreover, limestone is the main component in building or construction purposes and is also the raw material for making quick lime and slacked lime. Other than the above mentioned uses, limestone is also used as a white pigment in toothpaste or paints. It can also be found in medicines and cosmetics.

Types of limestone:

Limestone can be divided in various types depending upon the location from where they have been collected. There is Tura limestone, mukattam limestone and Gualalalimestone that can be found in Africa.Kota limestone, meleke limestone and Jerusalem limestone can be seen in Asia. In Europe, vast variety of limestone can be seen varying from Belgian limestone to Istrian limestone, from Cian limestone to Noir belge limestone, from solhofen limestone to red Verona marble limestone and the list goes on. Eramosa marble limestone, keyser limestone, Madison limestone are some of the kinds that are found in North America. Hence, it will nit be wrong to say that various kinds of limestone can be found in every corner of the world.


There are three basic kinds of rocks which are igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and sedimentary rocks. Limestone is a kind of a sedimentary rock which is composed of calcium carbonate and is formed by the accumulation of organic substances. Limestone is a quite important stone in many ways as it is an integral component in building purposes, glass manufacturing, painting pigments, etc. There is wide variety of limestone all across the world. “Crave liquid limestone” offer us with the best quality of limestone.